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Biceps workout / Motivational video /#hindi #fitness #workout #shorts #trending #viral #biceps

Hello guys ! My name is Omkar Kalyani a fitness freak . 100 percent natural body building . A big point I'm vegetarian.If you have any questions or any suggestions for me about gym / fitness feel free to comment . If you like my physic share with your friends and subscribe. Keep supporting your […]

biceps and tricep workout| #fitnesstransformation #saketgokhale #shorts

dont touch this⚠️⚠️-http://byrl.me/GqdhcB4 bicep curl-short head-3×10-12 longhead -3×10-12 hammer curl-3×10-12 inclined bicep curl-3×10-12 tricep rope pushdown-3×10-12 tricep straight pushdown-3×10-12 tricep back extension-3×10-12 instagram-https://instagram.com/aesthetic_vishal27?utm_medium=copy_link keep hustling

Chest & Triceps Workout || Unboxing Kitchen Weighing Scale #Vlog-40

Wassup guys this is Subham khansama. Please watch till the end i hope you will enjoy this video. Connect With Me Through – Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/s.u.b.h.a.m_s.k/ E-mail- businesswithsubham@gmail.com Hope you like this video please like comment share subscribe and also press the bell icon. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING ❤ #deadlift #subhamkhansama