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The WORST Fitness YouTuber Ever (HARSH!)

If you follow fitness online, specifically on YouTube, you might want to know who the worst fitness YouTuber is. After all, you want to know if you should be avoiding somebody’s advice, right? In this video, I am going to explain to you the problem with the use of the term “suboptimal” and what I […]

Go To The GYM WITH ME **SHOULDER WORKOUT** | Small Youtuber Motivation

We took a little road trip, vlogging with my friends, come to the gym with me for a shoulder workout & a motivational message to small youtubers! In this vlog today, Halk takes a road trip to Maryland! We also have a day in the life of a fitness influencer and full time youtuber! Come […]

Vlog 01||chest and triceps workout at Gym || #fitness #Vlogs

Vlog 01||chest and triceps workout at Gym || #fitness #Vlogs #Vlogs #Gym Hii guy's Chest Exercises 1.push ups 3sets 10-12 reps 2.flat bench press 3sets 10-12 reps 3.Pac fly 3sets 10-12 reps 4.Cross cable Fly 3sets 10-12 reps —————————————————— Triceps Exercises 1.Triceps Overhead Extensions 3sets 10-12 reps 2.Triceps Push Down (mini bar) 3sets 10-12 reps […]

How I Edit My Instagram & YouTube Fitness Videos ($15,000 SET-UP)

How I edit my Instagram and YouTube fitness videos. Complete breakdown on the equipment I use and my editing process. Watch to the end to find out how you can create high quality content to grow your social media! 👉Coaching Programs: https://www.fraserwilsonfitness.com 👉Subscribe: (https://goo.gl/84uFTA) 💪Supplement Code: FRASER10 at https://www.ehplabs.com/ 👉Shop Gymshark: https://gym.sh/Shop-Fraser2 ADD ME ON: […]