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How I Edit My Instagram & YouTube Fitness Videos ($15,000 SET-UP)

How I edit my Instagram and YouTube fitness videos. Complete breakdown on the equipment I use and my editing process. Watch to the end to find out how you can create high quality content to grow your social media! 👉Coaching Programs: https://www.fraserwilsonfitness.com 👉Subscribe: (https://goo.gl/84uFTA) 💪Supplement Code: FRASER10 at https://www.ehplabs.com/ 👉Shop Gymshark: https://gym.sh/Shop-Fraser2 ADD ME ON: […]

How To Build Muscle – Back & Biceps V2

How To Build Muscle – Back & Biceps V2 The Full Workout BACK 1. Single Arm Plate Loaded Row – Sets 4 – Reps 15,12,10, 8 – Set Type – Progressive 2. Chest Supported T Bar Row – Sets 2 – Reps 8,12+ Set Type Max Effort 3. Lat Pull Down (Overhand Grip) – Sets […]