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The PERFECT 5 Minute Daily Posture Routine (for 2023)

Forward head posture, forward rounded shoulders, and anterior pelvic tilt – sound familiar? Today I'll cover how to fix your posture in 5 minutes with my new and improved posture exercises and full posture routine. But let's talk about how you got here in the first place. Most people sit on average for 6-8 hours […]

How to Fix Slumped Posture (NO MORE SLOUCHING!)

Have you ever wondered how to fix slumped posture? In this video, I am going to show you why you suffer from slumped posture and how to fix it so that you can stop slouching once and for all. It starts first by identifying what is causing your bad posture in the first place. You […]

Fix Bad Posture in 22 Days (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

If you want to fix bad posture and do it quickly, then you will want to watch this step by step video for how to get better posture. The key to perfect posture is to address the issues specifically and consistently. Here, I show you a series of six tests that you can easily perform […]