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30 MIN LEG WORKOUT – Lower Body, GLUTES and THIGHS – With Weights Home Workout

Are you ready to work Team? Here is a spicy HOT 30 MIN GLUTES & THIGHS home workout. These are my favourite exercises to tone and target the GLUTE & THIGH muscles. Add dumbbells for the extra burn 🔥🔥🔥 Let's do it! For more lower body workouts sign up to my Grow with Anna APP: […]

Abs and Inner Thigh Workout Tone Up Body. #short #absexercises #exercisetoloseweight

Hello everyone! Welcome to Health and Fitness Care 188. I wish you all a very happy life ahead in everything you do as your journey through life. In this channel we will provide most effective exercise to gain muscles, tone up your body, to burn fat, to lose weight, and make yourself stronger. If you […]

legs workout at home legs exercise 💪

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Glute Exercises Ranked | Hamstrings (BEST TO WORST!)

There are many different glute exercises but today, we are going to rank them so that you know which are worth your time and which ones you should skip. Because the glutes and hamstring muscles share many of the same functions, you are going to get a two for one here as both the glute […]

ROUNDER GLUTES: 5 Mistakes Keeping Your Butt Flat

Wondering how to get a round butt? For most men and women, round, firm glutes are seen as more attractive than having a flat, pancake butt. A nice-looking butt isn’t just important for turning heads though. The glutes are a key muscle for athletic performance and keeping them strong can also go a long way […]

10 MINUTES INNER AND OUTER THIGH TONING WORKOUT | Beginner Resistance Band Leg Workout | Low Impact

10 MINUTES INNER AND OUTER THIGH TONING WORKOUT | Beginner Resistance Band Leg Workout | Low Impact 10 minutes inner and outer thighs workout. The low-impact workout with a resistance band is beginner-friendly. These exercises will help to tone inner and outer thighs without jumping. Resistance of the resistance band depends on the person's fitness […]

The Best Glutes Workout To Grow Your Flat Butt (GYM OR HOME!)

I’m going to show you a glutes workout with 6 of the best glute exercises to grow your butt. First we’ll go through some of the science behind how to grow the glutes to teach us the 2 muscles to focus on, then we’ll go through all of the butt exercises which you can do […]


A short workout with simple bodyweight exercises that can be done even without any equipment. I used a 5kgs dumbbell here but feel free to ditch it and use your body weight alone. These exercises are perfect for toning your thighs to get rid of any fat/cellulite, build a firm booty and strengthening your leg […]

Workout Guides | GLUTE PUMP | Grow Your Legs Thighs | The Fit Go

Workout Guides | GLUTE PUMP | Grow Your Legs Thighs | The Fit Go Watch Follow Us https://www.instagram.com/officialfitgo/ About Chennel FitGo is the channel for Fitness, bodybuilding & Gym motivational videos. Main Goal of Gym league is to Motivate and Inspire people For adopting Healthy Lifestyle. FitGo will provide platform for upcoming models in the […]

22 Days to Better Glutes! (GLUTE WORKOUT)

If you could use better glutes but you’re not sure what glute workout to follow, your search ends here today. In this video, I’m going to show you a 22 day glute workout that you can do day by day for the next 3 weeks. Everything you need to build your butt and kick start […]