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Upper chest workout in Malayalam #shorts

#Upperchest #Chestworkout #Chestexercise #shorts Upper chest workout in Malayalam The pec major stretches across the entire chest from the sternum (breastbone), clavicle (collarbone), ribs, and finally connecting to the humerus (upper arm). The clavicular and sternocostal head of the pec major work in unison in many movements Follow Me On Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/natural_squad_official/ Facebook : […]

5 Min CHEST WORKOUT AT HOME (Best Exercises Only)

5 Min CHEST WORKOUT AT HOME (Best Exercises Only) Download Next Workout app: https://nextworkoutapp.com/next-app See you on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/igorvoitenkofitness/ Here is more useful pull ups videos for you guys: Get Huge Chest Growth After THIS CHALLENGE: https://youtu.be/JgB6s1EZTgM 5 MUST DO Exercises For Skinny Guys (NO EQUIPMENT): https://youtu.be/Y9hiyIo963A

Advance Chest workout with bricks ! जिम के बिना ईटो के साथ तकड़े वाला चेस्ट का वर्कआउट Nav fitness

#brickschestworkout #bricksworkout This is just workout with the bricks If you have lack of time or no gym or no equipments you can train your chest at home . Method 👇 Warm up One set = Pushup till failure + 2 Bricks exercise regular 15+15+ reps Do each set Full Do it for 3 Times […]

6 Fastest Wide Chest Exercises

6 Fastest Wide Chest Exercises ✪Thank you for watching the video! Do not forget to Like, Share & Subscribe Channel if you see great and effective exercises ! ✪Subscribe: https://youtube.com/gymmotivation1499 ✔️Fanpage: https://facebook.com/gymmotivation1499 ✔️Instagram: https://instagram.com/gymmotivation1499 ✔️Tiktok: https://tiktok.com/@gymmotivation1499 ✔️Twitter: https://twitter.com/@motivation1499 ——————-Thank you very much ! ——————- 0:00 Anatomy 0:06 DUMBBELL AROUND PULLOVER 0:50 SMITH HEX PRESS 1:34 […]

Most Effective Bodyweight Chest Workout (NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED)

Most Effective Bodyweight Chest Workout (NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED) 00:00 Push Ups 00:06 Close Grip Push Ups 00:38 Close Into Wide Grip Push Ups 01:12 Side To Side Push Ups 01:46 Diamond Push Ups 02:20 Wide Grip Push Ups 02:54 Triceps Extension Push Ups 03:27 Pike Push Ups #bodyweight #pushups #chestworkout #gymbodymotivation #bodybuilding #bodybuilders Website: http://gymbodymotivation.com […]

7 Best chest workout with resistance band at home

resistance band chest workout ———————————————— The benefits and advantages of resistance bands: ✅Increases muscle mass, burns fat, tightens skin tone, and gives you a slim body ✅Resistance bands are as effective as gym equipment or cables It is suitable for those who do not have time for the gym and do not have space at […]


Get ready for one of the best Home Dumbbell Chest and Shoulder Workouts of your LIFE! Let's do this! A 20 minute dumbbell only chest and deltoid workout that you can do from the comfort of your own home! This workout is perfect to grow your chest and front, lateral and side deltoid! This video […]

How To Get A Massive Chest With Only Push-Ups (NO EQUIPMENT)

Can you build a big chest with push ups? Yes, you can. In this video, I’m going to share with you how you can build a massive chest by using push ups only. First, we’ll do a test to determine your current push up level, then we’ll go through how to pick the right push […]