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40 Sets Per Week Per Muscle is Best?!?

If you ever wondered what the perfect volume per week is for building muscle, then you are going to want to watch this new video. Find out how many sets and reps should be done per muscle group per week in order to see the most muscle gains. Muscle building science can be quite confusing […]

5 BEST CHEST WORKOUT AT GYM / Classement des Meilleurs exs Musculation DE LA POITRINE .

5 BEST CHEST WORKOUT AT GYM / Classement des Meilleurs exs Musculation DE LA POITRINE . 7 meilleurs exercices pour une poitrine plus grosse / gym exercice poitrine,exercices poitrine,exercices,exercice,exercices de la poitrine,poitrine ferme,exercice relever poitrine,exercice de la poitrine,raffermir sa poitrine,exercice pour redresser la poitrine,exercices pour les muscles de la poitrine,remonter poitrine Les 8 Meilleurs exercice […]

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How Many Reps to Build Muscle (COMMON MISTAKE)

When it comes to working out and building muscle, I need you to stop counting reps. In this video, I am going to explain why counting the number of reps you are doing, as well as your rep range goals, is counterintuitive to the gains that you are seeking. There is something that you should […]

The New Muscle Building Hack: Stretch-Focused Training

You might be able to gain muscle faster (almost twice as fast!) as you are right now – and still remain “natty”. How? With what I like to call “stretch-focused training”. A training technique that has seemed to crack the code to what it takes to build muscle fast naturally. I’ve even started experimenting with […]

How Heavy is TOO Heavy to Build Muscle??

If you want to build muscle you have to ask yourself how heavy is too heavy when it comes to lifting weights. A lot of people will lift heavy weights in order to build muscle but not pay attention to how they are doing it. I would argue that lifting lighter weights will go a […]

The #1 Reason You’re Not Building Muscle (As A Natural)

“Why am I not building muscle?”—have you ever asked that? Well, building muscle is easy…. If you’re a brand new beginner. Past the “newbie gains” stage, building muscle becomes disproportionately harder, especially as a natural. This is why many people, no matter how hard they work in the gym or how well they eat, just […]


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“Fat to Fit” in 4 Simple Steps (SCIENCE PROVEN)

If you want to make a fat to fit transformation, you are going to want to watch this video. Here I share with you 4 simple steps that are science proven to work every time. You may have even heard some of these fitness tips before but haven’t been able to act on them. The […]

How Gymnasts Get So Freaking Strong!

If you have ever asked yourself why are gymnasts so freaking strong, then you’ve come to the right place. In this video, I am going to show you just how gymnasts and calisthenics athletes are able to show off incredible feats of strength using nothing but their own bodyweight. First, let’s talk about strength. Relative […]