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Complete Beginners Chest Workout | Vivek Pandey |

Workout For Beginners | First Day At GYM | Episode 1 | –https://youtu.be/_rkTRNVrh4s Week 3-4 | Beginners Series | Muscle Building |–https://youtu.be/uw3leAZDO84 I am Vivek Pandey Certified Advanced Physique Transformation Coach And Contest Preparation Coach In this video I am gonna explain what a newbie should do at his first day at gym Every guy […]


Follow Me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beastugisofficial/ Business Inquiries: ugits2@gmail.com Chest Exercises You Must Do For Muscle Growth 💫 Try this cable variation during your next workout 🔥 Focus on the contraction at the peak of the movement to penetrate the upper chest. Great finish👌🏾 __________ Full workout: EXERCISE 1: Flat Barbell Press 4×8 EXERCISE 2: Incline […]

Chest Workout with Marc Lobliner

Marc Lobliner flew to Boston to train with Jose and Nate for the weekend. Nate is 4 weeks out from Master's USA, and Marc just may jump into the show. Marc keeps up with Jose pressing 160lb dumbbells!