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10 MIN SLIM AND TONED LEGS WORKOUT | Tighten Inner & Outer Thigh

Join my 20 Day Summer Sculpt Workout Challenge to feel your best this summer. Workouts posted weekdays at 7am EST only on www.youtube.com/melinnamills Follow for workout tips, healthy recipes, and more: https://www.instagram.com/melinnamills/ https://www.tiktok.com/@melinnammills?lang=en #legworkout #homeworkout #weightloss

Get Rid Of INNER THIGH FAT – BUTT FAT WORKOUT #shorts #youtubeshorts #innerthighworkout #buttworkout

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10 Min Killer Thigh Workout- Target Your Quads & Inner and Outer Thighs- No Equipment Leg Workout

Ready to take on this killer thigh workout! In this workout I’ll be focusing on your adductors and quads and these exercises will help give you the definition you want in your inner and outer thighs. No equipment needed, so grab a mat and let’s get into the workout! 12 Exercises, 40 Sec, 5 sec […]