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How to Build Muscle WHILE Losing Fat (New Research)

Lose fat, gain muscle. Known as “body recomposition”, many people believe this is impossible or reserved for a small percentage of people. But that’s not entirely true. Most people can definitely build muscle and lose fat at the same time. With the right nutrition and training plan, you can actually signal your body to use […]

Drug Addict Incredible 1 Year Transformation

Every single month we pick 1 fitness transformation winner from our 2.0 Built With Science programs. Not just someone whose experienced a great body transformation, but someone who embodies the spirit of resilience and determination. Typically, the winner gets a one-on-one call with me, $1,000 cash, supplements, and more. But after hearing the story behind […]

How to EAT to Get Lean (5 Science-Backed Foods)

What to eat to lose belly fat? Lemon water, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, chia seeds, and kombucha. These are the top 5 foods google said I should eat to lose belly fat. While this will lead to the most uncomfortable dump of your life, these won’t do anything for belly fat loss. Let’s cut […]

How I Built Muscle FAST (Using New Research)

Is it possible to build muscle fast? It took me years to gain some size and eventually my gains stopped altogether. However, in my recent lean bulk, I implemented a handful of new research-backed muscle growth techniques and managed to gain a lean 20 lbs in 16 months. By far my best bulking transformation and […]

What 30 Seconds Cold Shower Everyday Does To Body

What would happen if you took cold showers for 30 days? Today we’ll dive into the science, and I’ll reveal the results I got from doing the 30 day cold shower therapy protocol I’ll share later on. Even if you’re thinking you’ll never take cold showers, trust me, after learning of the benefits of cold […]

How to ACTUALLY Lose Belly Fat (Based on Science)

How to lose belly fat? Belly fat is really easy to gain yet often the hardest area to lose. There are 2 types: the annoying belly fat we all know that covers your abs, and a more dangerous type of belly fat stored deep within your organs known as visceral fat. To find out how […]

The PERFECT Bench Press (5 Steps)

Here's how to bench press with proper bench form. Try out this bench press form for a safer, stronger bench press! #shortsfeed #shortsyoutube #shortsvideo #shorts

How to Bench Press for the PERFECT Chest (5 Steps)

With proper bench press form, the bench is the GOAT of upper body exercises. Learn how to bench press properly and you’ll see massive gains in your chest, shoulders, and arms. But get your bench press technique wrong, and even if it doesn’t happen right away, you risk seriously injuring your shoulders and elbows to […]

STOP Doing Dumbbell Press Like This (Most Common Mistake)

The dumbbell press is a great chest exercise to grow your chest, but only if done correctly. This is by far the most common mistake people make with their dumbbell press form. Fix this and you'll get better chest gains with less risk of hurting your shoulders. #shortsvideo #shortsfeed #shortsyoutube #shorts

How to PROPERLY Squat for Growth (4 Easy Steps)

The squat is the KING…of poorly performed exercises. Get your barbell squat technique wrong and instead of growing nice quads and glutes, you’ll feel aches and pains in your knees, hips, back, and even shoulders. But if you want to learn how to squat properly or how to do a squat, follow these 4 easy […]