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Killer bicep workout 🥵⚠️ #shortsvideo #bicepsworkout #shorts

Killer bicep workout 🥵⚠️ #shortsvideo #bicepsworkout #shorts killer bicep workout killer bicep workout for mass killer bicep workout with dumbbells killer bicep workout my bollywood body killer bicep workout at home killer bicep workout for cutting killer bicep workout with resistance bands killer biceps workout at gym killer arm workout killer arm workout with dumbbells […]

17 KILLER BICEP Exercises In 17 Minutes

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Exercises for biceps:: 1) cable bicep curl – 3 sets of 12-10-8 Reps 2) Dumbbell bicep curl – same sets & reps 3) incline dumbbell bicep curl – same 4) high cable curl – same sets & reps 5) reverse cable curl- same