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I’m Not Who You Think I Am..

I want you to know the REAL me. We're on Vlog Ep: 3 Living With Bully ———————————- www.gymoclock.com 4-8 Week Push-up Progression Training Program: https://bit.ly/3Cea5Ql 8-16 Week Gym Training Program: https://bit.ly/3z81HQF YOGA Mats: https://bit.ly/3AdcnPi Sunday Live sessions!!!! Become a member!!! https://bit.ly/399zdvm

We’ve Had Enough

On social media, people only post the highlighted moments in their life. My wife(lavishlybritt) and I have been married for 7 years. We've known each other for 12 years now. And we share with you all moments in our life that we want you all to be apart of. Last year we took a step […]

I’m Done With The Lies..

This has to stop! I'm constantly receiving emails like this. Not much I can do about it other than get the message out there before more people are taken advantage of. These fake accounts are NOT me. And has nothing to do with me! On a lighter note. I also show you guys in this […]