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BACK FRIENDLY LEG AND THIGH WORKOUT: How To Get The Perfect Holiday Edition

This back friendly leg and thigh workout holiday edition has been designed to target the inner and outer thighs. This is the most effective workout, try this for 3 weeks and share the results. tag me on Instagram let's celebrate together your transformation.#slimthighstandingworkout #Backfriendlylegandthighworkout #legworkout #innerthighs #holidayedition #holidaysworkout #home workout My Instagram page; moureneyida79 1 […]

30 min Standing Pilates Aligned | Beginner At Home Leg Workout

30 min Standing Pilates Aligned Beginner Class will teach you how to align your hips, feet, and legs. Using your correct alignment saves you from injuries. Allowing your workouts to be functional, efficient, and effective. This is a no equipment, at-home workout. Give it a try today! 💖 Try your FREE 7 Day Beginner Program […]


Try this 20 Minute Lower body Workout to reduce thigh fat, build muscle and lose body fat at home or anywhere. This is great for building muscle, endurance, and strength. This workout is great for building your legs, reducing thigh fat, and improve your leg strength using No Equipment. There are easier high-impact band workout […]

LEG WORKOUT Standing HIPS & THIGHS ♡ 20 min Cardio & Strength ♡ Burn Fat Tone and Stretch!

Sa leg workout na 'to, we will burn fat, tone and stretch our inner and outer thighs and hips! This includes cardio and strength exercises plus stretch to cool down and improve leg flexibility. We'll start with cardio moves for warm up to pump up our heart rate and burn fat then follow up with […]

Quick 4 Min Leg and Thigh Workout for Strong & Slim Legs | At Home No Equipment No Talk Follow Along

A super quick 4 min Leg and Thigh Workout that's going to help you burn fat and slim your legs! Guys, I have to be honest, you'll see a cut right before the last exercise, that's because something went awfully wrong (maybe a story for another time) so I had to cut an exercise out. […]