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30 MIN LEG WORKOUT – Lower Body, GLUTES and THIGHS – With Weights Home Workout

Are you ready to work Team? Here is a spicy HOT 30 MIN GLUTES & THIGHS home workout. These are my favourite exercises to tone and target the GLUTE & THIGH muscles. Add dumbbells for the extra burn 🔥🔥🔥 Let's do it! For more lower body workouts sign up to my Grow with Anna APP: […]

🍑 Inner/Outer Thighs + Booty Workout (No Repeats / No Equipment)

Today's workout is all about the thighs and booty! We are going to target the inner and outer thighs and those glutes with a series of body-weight exercises. That's right, no equipment needed but you are sure to feel the burn as you focus on each controlled movement. This No repeats lower body workout means […]