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How to EAT to Get Lean (5 Science-Backed Foods)

What to eat to lose belly fat? Lemon water, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, chia seeds, and kombucha. These are the top 5 foods google said I should eat to lose belly fat. While this will lead to the most uncomfortable dump of your life, these won’t do anything for belly fat loss. Let’s cut […]

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How To Eat To Lose Belly Fat (3 STAGES!)

Belly fat is really easy to gain but seems almost impossible to lose. You’re probably aware your diet is the key when it comes to belly fat loss. But you likely have no idea where to start to lose belly fat, let alone how to keep fat loss going for long enough to get rid […]

4 Things Nobody Tells You About Fat Loss (AVOID MISTAKES!)

Losing weight is tricky. It’s a proven fact that the vast majority of people who attempt a diet to lose fat fail. Despite the many reasons for this, what I’ve found both in the literature and with helping thousands of people successfully transform their bodies, is there’s 4 things that if people simply just knew […]

How I Went From Lean To Shredded In 6 Weeks (Mini Cuts Explained)

In this video, I cover my transformation from lean to shredded – in just 6 weeks. This was possible with something called a “mini cut”. Here, I’ll explain the science behind what is a mini cut, why it’s so effective to help you lose fat faster (yet difficult for people to stick to), how I […]

How Many Steps Should You Take Per Day To Lose Fat? (HIT THIS NUMBER!)

Can you lose weight by walking? Yes–walking is hands down one of the most effective yet underrated forms of activity that you can do to burn off fat. And the beauty about walking is that it can be done anywhere. Also, drastically increasing your step count can easily be done even in the comfort of […]