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Leg Workout

Are you looking for an effective way to shape and tone your legs and thighs without having to go to the gym? Look no further! In this video, I will be showing you some exercises that you can do at home to help you achieve your fitness goals. From squats and lunges, to step-ups and […]

12 Supersets EVERYONE Should Have in Their Programs!

Supersets can be amazing for increasing muscle size if you choose the right ones. In this video, I’m going to show you the 12 greatest supersets that everyone should have in their programs if they want to get their best results from their workouts. It helps to define exactly what a superset is (and what […]

The 20 Greatest Exercises of All Time (CHANGE MY MIND!)

Have you ever wondered what are the 20 greatest exercises of all time? In this video, I am going to put together a list of what I feel are the 20 greatest exercises of all time and why I feel so strongly about them so that way you know exactly which ones you should be […]

20 MIN LEG WORKOUT | BUTT, THIGHS, CALVES |  no jumping, no equipment, apartment friendly

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Butt & Thigh Workout – LUNGEEES | Cvičení na zadeček & stehna – VÝPADYYY

Ahoj všichni, dneska si užijeme všechny druhy výpadů, jaké Vás napadnou, takže hádáte správně, dnešní cvičení cílí na zadeček a stehna 🍑 Tak s chutí do toho… dál to znáte 😊💪 Pokud byste měli zájem o sestavení stravovacího plánu na míru včetně výživového koučingu, o osobní tréninky ve fitku, venku nebo v pohodlí Vašeho domova, […]

12 Exercises That EVERYONE Should Have In Their Program!

There are optional exercises and then there are exercises that everyone should have in their program. In this video, I’m going to go over the 12 Exercises that EVERYONE Should Have in Their Program to build the most muscle and a strong body that is resilient to injury. You may find that you are doing […]


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LETS GO! HIT THIS 15 minute follow along no equipment LEG DAY with me!! ——————————————— WWW.GYMOCLOCKFITNESS.COM In this video, I’m going take you for an EXTREMELY intense leg, butt, and calf ride! Follow along in this 15 minute full body workout. You can complete this workout with me at home. Or anywhere else really! This […]


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