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Strong and healthy shoulder workout #pilatesworkout #youtubeshorts

Hello Friends! Here’s a beautiful back/shoulder workout to try at home using just a yoga block! All you need is a mat and a block. As always make sure to SUBSCRIBE! ☺️and 🏷️ tag a friend you think might enjoy this! Try this: 45 sec each, 2 rounds to hit each side ~ around the […]

Stronger & Slimmer Legs in 10 Mins | 10 MINS PILATES LEG WORKOUT

Get stronger and slimmer legs with this 10 minute Pilates leg workout. This workout targets your inner and outer thighs to help you burn thigh fat and get lean and slim legs. Calve exercises are also included making this a full leg workout for slimmer and toned legs. This leg workout will also exercise your […]

Hot Heat Thigh Kick Workout Series 🔥🔥 Tone & Focus

A workout just to focus on toning your thighs and get those muscles stronger. Enjoy! 💛 Hot Heat Thigh Kick Workout Series 🔥🔥 Tone & Focus Challenge yourself more with some other workouts that I posted daily. Check it out below and keep me posted! 🔥 30 Days of Summer Pilates Challange – Happy & […]

Pilates Magic Circle Sculpt | Abs & Inner Thighs Mat Workout

New prop to the Home Barre Channel: The Magic Circle! Today's class will focus on the ABS & INNER THIGHS. The Magic Circle (also called Pilates Ring) is is a great tool that was originally created by Joseph Pilates. This simple prop is made of rubber and provides the body feedback as to which muscles […]