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16 Muscle Building Mistakes I REGRET Making!

I have made quite a few muscle building mistakes over the years that I regret, and today I'm sharing them with you. I'm going to discuss my 16 greatest regrets I made both in the gym and in the kitchen, when it came to my pursuit of building muscle and getting ripped. I started my […]

28 Year Old Completes *Jaw Dropping* Transformation (UPDATE)

This 5 year natural transformation is truly amazing when you consider not just the strength and size improvements made by Jesse but also the hurdles and obstacles he has had to overcome to do this. Jesse shares for the first time publicly, his long struggles with clinical depression and anxiety. Getting out of bed and […]


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5 Min Home Biceps Workout 2021 During Lockdown (No Gym) Muscle Building |Sahil DK | Vijainder Rana

5 Min Home Biceps Workout 2021 During Lockdown (No Gym) Muscle Building |Sahil DK | Vijainder Rana Best Four Exersice At home workout for Big Biceps 1. Standing Dumbell Curl 2. Hammer Curl 3. Reverse Cable Curl 4. Concentration Curl Share your feedback with us in the comments and let us know what you think. […]

DAY-2 || Beginners Workout Series || Muscle Building || Tricep Workout

Instagram:- https://instagram.com/_small__beast_?igshid=6sizg3c5c76w Day-2 Beginners Workout Series | muscle building Tricep Workout Target every muscle part Thank you for Watching this video👍🏻❣️ #beginnersworkout #musclebuilding #tricepworkout #workoutseries

You CAN’T Build Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time!!

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to build muscle and burn fat at the same time? If so, this video will answer your question once and for all. In this episode of “AX JEFF”, Jeff Cavaliere and Jesse Laico will answer the viewer’s question about burning fat and building muscle at once and exactly […]

Build Muscle | How Important Are Pumps In The Gym

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In today's video I put together an intense 7 minute fat burning workout that will also build muscle. This workout is very short but you'll quickly see that 7 minutes is all you need in order to make you want to quit! 📌If you liked today's video don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! ————- ✅Instagram: www.instagram.com/r_ff_a/ _________ […]

All Strength Upper Body Workout – Upper Body Muscle Building Workout

Okay. Okay. hello everyone. This is Daniel with fitness blogger.com and today we’re gonna be going through an upper body workout that I haven’t included a warm up or cool down with this routine. So I want to make sure you get both of those in on your own. So if you haven’t done your […]

How to Build Muscle (THE ULTIMATE VIDEO!)

Get the ultimate program for building ripped, lean athletic muscle http://athleanx.com/x/build-muscle-fast-here If you are looking to build muscle and have been told the only good way to do it was by lifting the heaviest weights you can, then this is the perfect video for you. You see, while lifting heavy is an excellent way to […]