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Muscle Building fat loss shake | in telugu | by certified fitness trainer

Hello everyone, My name is deekshit sanga  I am certified strength coach  And also certified in fitness nutrition  In this video i have shared a muscle building shake, which is very effective for who wants to gain some serious weight.  If you have all the ingredients, it will take just 5 min to prepare.  Easy, […]

How Soon After A Workout Should You Eat To Build Muscle? (IT MATTERS!)

One of the first tips you learn in the gym is the importance of post workout nutrition. However, we’re now armed with better information about the anabolic window and what to eat after a workout. The post workout anabolic window is thought to be so important because of protein synthesis (anabolic) and protein breakdown (catabolic), […]

Eat This After Workouts To Build Muscle

The best 2 things to eat to build muscle after workouts are a combination of these 2 nutrients. Muscle Building Athlete Training Template: http://www.athleticpreparation.com/template/ Quick Digesting Carbohydrates (30-60 grams) Fast Digesting Protein (20 grams) Getting these 2 nutrients quickly after your work out helps build lean muscle and prevent muscle breakdown. Replenishing these nutrients helps […]