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INCREASE YOUR PULL UPS with this simple 5 minute pull up video. It's a follow along video, therefore I will be doing the exercises along with you! ENJOY! ————————————- WWW.GYMOCLOCKFITNESS.COM

Jeff Cavaliere’s Pull-Up Challenge (ALL LEVELS!)

Want to take a shot at Jeff Cavaliere’s pullup challenge? It doesn’t matter if you can knock out more than 15 reps in a single set of pullups or struggle to do up to 3. Anyone can take part in this pull-up workout challenge. The rules are simple. You perform a certain number of reps […]

Double Your Max Pullups in 22 Days! (GUARANTEED GAINS)

Want to double your max pullups in just 22 days? Well, if you watch this video and perform the workouts as written, you’ll be doing more pull ups. A lot more pullups. The 22 day pull up workout builds off of the tremendous success of our 22 day push up workout. The key to the […]