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In this video I will be sharing with you a pushup workout you can do EVERYDAY for 30 days to see results! Whether your goal is to increase the amount of pushups you're able to do, or build muscle in your chest, THIS WORKOUT IS FOR YOU! Simple and effective. ———————————- https://gymoclockfitness.com/ Gym training program: […]

How To Unlock The Perfect Push Up For More Gains (In 5 Minutes)

If you want to improve your push up form – and do more push ups, this video is for you. We’re going to show you how to (finally) push up properly by covering how you can optimally set up your body position, stabilize that position by activating the right muscles, and finally, combine it with […]

Jeff Cavaliere EPIC Push-Up Challenge (TRY THIS!)

Here’s a push-up challenge that anyone can try. Men and women, young and old, everyone can take this pushup test and see where you score. The key to this challenge is following a particular cadence when doing this popular chest, triceps and shoulder exercise. Unlike the Bring Sally Up challenge that has some elements of […]

The Perfect Push-Up To Build Muscle (AVOID THESE MISTAKES!)

Due to the high amount of muscle mass and joints which are involved in this exercise, there is a lot that can go wrong when it comes to the pushup form or in a pushups workout. Which is not only detrimental for growth, but is also problematic from an injury and pain standpoint since we […]

The DUMBEST Pushup You’ll Ever See!!

You have likely done lots of pushups if you watch this channel, but likely none more stupid than the ones you’re about to do after seeing this. Introducing, Jesse’s stupid pushup challenge. After a lots of thought and consideration, Jesse has jumped on the youtube fitness challenge bandwagon and decided to come up with his […]

10 Best Push Ups To Gain Muscle

10 Best Push Ups To Gain Muscle 1on1 Personal Transformation Coaching https://forms.gle/swbJHQ3GfAh9j5Jz7 In this video I showcase 10 of the best & most effective push-up variations that you can perform anywhere to build lean, ripped, strong & functional muscle mass! I also go into detail on how to perform each push-up variation and how you […]