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60 Day At Home Workout Plan(No Equipment)

60 DAY WORKOUT PLAN: https://bit.ly/3hYrlVz CLICK HERE FOR MORE: https://linktr.ee/Bullyjuice HERE IS THE FIRST FULL BODY 60 day At home workout program to help you guys accomplish your fitness goals! There are no excuses, lets get to the gains! There will be a dedicated workout for each muscle group daily! You're only rest days will […]

LEAN PILATES THIGHS 🍑 Slim & Toned Leg Exercises | 10 min Workout

This is a lean pilates thighs workout challenge to help you sculpt slim and toned legs. It's an intense 10 minute at home leg workout with toned and slim leg exercises that burn fat. These legs exercises will target your inner and outer thighs for a full leg burn. For the best leg fat loss […]

HIPS & OUTER THIGHS (7 Day Hourglass Shape Plan) | 5 min Workout

This hips and outer thighs, 5 minute workout, is going to help you sculpt hourglass shape hips and tighten and tone your outer thighs. These hips and thighs exercises will help you target your saddle bag area and get slim thighs. 🔥 Start your FREE Trial on the LEAN App & get 3 months for […]

Slim Legs In 7 Days || I tried Pamela Reif’s Thigh Workout

Hi guys, In this video I did another highly requested video. I did PAMELA REIF's thigh work. This workout is 15 minutes long, effective and burning workout. it was definitely a challenge to complete this work out because personally it was difficult for me. haha #slimlegs #fitnesschallenge #beforeafter MY SOCIALS 📲 : email: nimesha.ytc@gmail.com Instagram: […]

7 Minute Home Ab Workout (6 PACK GUARANTEED!)

Get ready for one of the best Lower Ab Workouts of your LIFE! Let's do this! A full home ab workout that you can do whenever and wherever you like!! You don't need any equipment or weight. This video is full length which means you can just follow along with whatever I'm doing. If you […]

1000 reps Cardio & ABS workout to BURN fat 🔥 Try this challenge everyday

Are you ready to BURN?! Let's do this 1000 Cardio & ABS Challenge. ♥ LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE for exciting content every week WARM UP: https://youtu.be/nn29ryIWMjo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xeniafs/ ______________________________ Thanks for watching! ❤ Xenia #homeworkout #1000workout #challenge

Shmeksss Tik Tok | Abs Workout Challange | Tik Tok Compilation

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BOOTY, INNER THIGH, ARMS & ABS HOME WORKOUT 😅 butt workouts, inner thigh workout, arms & ab workout to BURN FAT FAST at your HOME GYM! 🔥USE MY FREE WEIGHT LOSS MEAL PLAN ⬇️ https://juliettewooten.com/app/ ⬅ FREE TRIAL MY HIIT VIDEOS PLAYLIST MY HIIT PILATES VIDEOS PLAYLIST MY PILATES VIDEOS PLAYLIST Thanks for watching the […]


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