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The PERFECT Chest Workout (20 MIN EDITION!)

If you want to build a perfect chest but you only have 20 minutes for your chest workout, what would you do? In this video, I’m going to show you the best workout for chest that you can do if you are pressed for time and want to not have to skip yet another workout. […]

10 Best Chest Exercises For Building Muscle!

10 Best Chest Exercises For Building Muscle! Chest Exercises, chest workout, middle chest, upper chest workout, lower chest Exercises, chest workout for mass, chest workout routine, chest workouts at the gym, best chest workout, chest day, chest workout, best chest workout, workout for chest, dumbbell chest press, dumbbell chest fly, dumbbell chest workout, chest building […]

Muscle-Building Chest and Shoulders Workout | Hunter Delfa

Want to know how to get a killer V-taper? NutraBio athlete Hunter Delpha has the workout you need to start building an X-frame, ASAP! ► Shop NutraBio Supplements: https://bbcom.me/3ayOLrq ► BodyFit Training Programs: https://bbcom.me/2JqhTFj ► Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2DK5lGD | Hunter Delfa's Chest and Shoulders Workout | I have found that training chest and shoulders together is […]