SAVE| TRY | TAG A FRIEND TO TRY THIS WORKOUT! 👉@apesociety_ 🔥BIG BACK TO BACK DRIZZY WORKOUT🔥 — SWIPE LEFT | SAVE WORKOUT🔥 1️⃣SA Landmine Row(4sets|10-15reps) 2️⃣Pull Ups(4sets|10-12) 3️⃣Serratus Pulldown(4sets|10-12) 4️⃣Reverse Cable Crossover(4sets|10-12) 5️⃣Machine High Rows(4sets|10-12) 6️⃣Machine Low Rows(4sets|10-12) 7️⃣Heavy Curls(4sets|10-12) 😴 REST 90 sec per set 🌟SUPERSET-Exercise1️⃣With2️⃣ 🌟SUPERSET-Exercise5️⃣With6️⃣ – TAG SOMEONE WHO SHOULD TRY THIS WORKOUT🎥 Also if you use my workouts, tag me in your story to get featured on mine! – -Swipe video workouts posted 5x a week! Please comment and like to show your support if you absolutely love these videos! – -If you follow my work out and use them at the gym tag @apesociety_ in your story using my workouts to get featured on my story💯 – What’s your favorite ARM Exercise Comment Below👇 – – 💯If you need even more help than what I post already then DM for personalize content! -🔥 I respond to all DMs everyday – The only person ultimately stopping you… is you. Do you believe in that? – So many people won’t even step foot in a commercial gym because they are scared or afraid of others judging them. Well i got some news for ya pal, nobody cares. I’ve learnt from personal experience that if you’re not yelling and screaming or doing some dumb shit in the gym, then nobody will even notice what you’re doing, so fuck it…do what you want (but please don’t yell and shout cause that shits annoying). – If there is one thing STOPPING YOU from going to the gym or eating properly, tell me what that “good” reason is. I honestly am very intrigued by the amount of excuses I have heard about not wanting to improve their overall health and wellness 🙏🏻 –
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By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

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