Single Kettlebell Muscle Building At Home Workout This is a single kettlebell session that will help maintain and even build muscle if you progressed it throughout the weeks while at home (this is one session out of 3 that would most likely make sense). Since I don’t know your KB availability, the first part of it is based on AMRAP (as many quality reps as possible for the set), which you can then work on beating weekly. The more technically complex exercises come first, after the warm up of course, then it goes to some exercises that are more simple to execute. It goes without saying but I’ll remind you that you MUST focus on quality of reps and stop if your form goes to crap. Ok? Good talk 🙂 ** You can also take the KB clean portion out of the workout if you feel like you’re not proficient in that exercise. On the first density set where you see the “2-4-6-8” sets, what that means is that you will do 2 reps, then pause for a 2 second ISO, do 4 reps, then pause for a 4 seconds ISO, do 6 reps….. till you get to 8 reps and 8 second IS0, and that is one set. Repeat with the other exercise. This one is a burner with a lot of time under tension. Here is the training session: 1A). Kettlebell Clean and Offset Squat w/ Pause 2 x AMRAP, 1 x 70% of AMRAP 1B). Kettlebell Clean and Press 2 x AMRAP 2A). Offset KB Reverse Lunge 2 x AMRAP 2B). Bent Over Single Arm KB Row 2 x AMRAP, 1 x 70% 3). Density #1 – 8 mins ———————– KB Deadlift + ISO x 2-4-6-8 (do 2 reps, pause for 2 seconds, do 4 reps, pause for 4 seconds, do 6 reps, pause for 6 seconds,….) Crouching Tiger Push Ups w/ ISO x 2-4-6-8 (same as above) 4). Density #2 – 8 mins ———————– 1 and 1/2 rep KB Goblet Squats x 8-10 Band Lat Pulldown x 10-12 Enjoy and let me know how it goes…..

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