You can't have a good physical without a good mental! These are the ten books that have had the greatest impact on my life!

(Affiliate links of my genuine recommendations):
How to Win Friends and Infleunce People by Dale Carnegie:
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki:
The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham:
Influence by Robert Cialdini:
Mans Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl:
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius:
Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss:
Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday:
The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene:
Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins:

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22 thoughts on “10 Books That Changed My Life”
  1. For me, David Goggin’s “Can’t hurt me” was the greatest inspiration I ever had. What he went through and his willpower, focus and dedication to his training just elevated me to another level. Those who dont know: check it out!

  2. How to Win Friends and Influence People was super clutch in my personal training career while working in a gym. Any job that involves human contact (all of them? lol) would benefit from the tips from this book. Also, couldn’t agree more that schools DO NOT prepare young people to deal with their finances. Fraser… so young… so wise… Very good book picks, several I haven’t read… YET!

  3. I am currently reading Robert Greene novels which include The 33 Stratagies of War, Mastery and The Laws of Human Nature. Great reads and Robert Greene is an awesome writer.

  4. So gonna get some of these books man, first up of those would be laws of human nature or meditations I think.

    I’m not a huge reader but if I was to recommend a book it would be ‘Stoner.’ Is a novel about a young man growing up on a farm in WW2 times and follows his whole life cycle, you feel the coldness of the old world and see how because of tradition etc they live such unfulfilled lives and have dysfunctional marriages etc, some really nice perspectives which feel so human. It’s quite depressing man but yeah shed a tear as I closed it, was kinda beautiful.

    There is nothing quite like reading to be fair! Nice one, deffo getting a book on the go again!

  5. 1. How to influence people
    2. Rich dad poor dad
    3. Intelligent Investor
    4. Influence
    5. Man’s searching for meaning
    6. Meditations
    7. Never Split the Difference
    8. Ego is the enemy
    9. The laws of human nature
    10. Can’t hurt me

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