Back Workout | Brandon Curry | 4 Weeks out | Road 2 Olympia 2020

In this video, we follow Gorilla Wear Athlete Brandon Curry in his preparation for the 2020 Mister Olympia. Brandon Curry in this video is just under4 weeks out from 2020 Mister Olympia competition. See how he trains back and triceps together with his training partner and coach Abdullah. Like and subscribe for more content!

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19 thoughts on “Back Workout | Brandon Curry | 4 Weeks out | Road 2 Olympia 2020

  1. ///////////////////////// says:

    Yall read my mind. i was just looking up Brandon curry back workouts to help motivate me for today!

  2. Tshepo Kunene says:

    Looks like Brandon is yet to reach his peak, and when he does. He’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Steve Diego dela Vega says:

    I’ll be rooting for Brandon hope he defends his 2019 Olympia title capture his second title and beat Phil Heath

  4. Gorilla Wear USA says:

    December 3, 6PM CET Time/ 11AM CT Time.
    We will have a live interview with Gorilla Wear athlete Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry. During this live YouTube stream, viewers can ask their questions. These questions will be answered live by currently Mister Olympia Brandon Curry. LINK:

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