NPP Winter Bulking Cycle BICEP WORKOUT

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20 thoughts on “NPP Winter Bulking Cycle BICEP WORKOUT

    • Mike White says:

      @Under The Sign Of The Black Mark absolutely. 04 was the last one I played. I’ve heard it’s free online now. Not the same….we old now haha

    • Under The Sign Of The Black Mark says:

      @Mike White Not sure if its free now. I haven’t checked anything UT related in a long time. Well im 30 and definitely do not consider myself old or even close to it. Especially now with TRT in the game that word will be thrown out the window 😀

    • Under The Sign Of The Black Mark says:

      @Andrew V Many guys our age still remember what it was like. But my best and fondest memories were console games. I’ve played a lot of PC games but consoles were the most fun and hardest. One thing i will admit though is that never will that period be back again. When growing up there were loads of new games every year. And i saved money to buy a few ones and play them all day. Not to mention the great shows that were released. Now it’s fucking crap. Nothing new or fun to watch or play. Good thing i have bodybuilding though. It’s like a game for me. You level up(get big) until you reach your desired level. I still very often think about those days and how much i miss them. I’m glad i was able to experience all those things. A magnificent time which will never be back again 🙂

    • Andrew V says:

      @Under The Sign Of The Black Mark Hell yeah that’s an awesome way to thinking about leveling up lol, making gains. I agree that was an amazing time, innocent and free.

  1. Michael Y says:

    Please post soundtracks man!!! Tell Tyler to give us the music haha… nvm just saw he posted the song lol

  2. zoran ristovski says:

    Can someone give some advice on NPP colors?
    I just recently got Npp from a few different trusted sources and some are light colored and some are yellowish.
    Does anyone know if it could be from brewing it too long or just the oils.

    Thanks in advance

    • Formula SEC INITIATED says:

      color varies from temperature, to oxidation
      the only way to really know is by Homebrewing it my brother.
      instead of doing guess work.

  3. Liquid Oxygen says:

    I’m planning a cycle first time with NPP… but only 100 mg per week / 25 mg EOD for joints because nandrolone scares the piss outta me lmao

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