Benefits of an Inner Thigh Workout

Your inner thighs, which are composed of five muscles, are attached to the pelvis. These inner thighs muscles run down the center of your leg bone and contribute to core strength, injury prevention and posture. If you find you have a weak core, then check your inner thigh muscles may be weak.

So, no matter how strong your abs become, they won’t be able to do the job you want them to do if your inner thighs (or foundation) is weak. Incorporating an inner thigh workout can also contribute to stronger knees, making you less prone to injury. Toning your inner thighs will make your thighs look longer and leaner. So, with all these great benefits, we have included following 11 exercises.
2 sets each with 30 reps. (30 sec rest in between).

Side deep Squat
Hip Swirls
Side Lunge Heal touch
Lateral Step Reach
Sumo Squat dip
Ventral Lunge
Lateral Taps
Leg Hugs
Leg Lifts
Inner thigh lift
Side Lunge Windmill

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Disclaimer :
Please consult with your physician before beginning above training exercises. If at any point during your workout you have physical discomfort or you begin to feel faint, dizzy then you should stop immediately.

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By Chris Wright

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