Chest & Tricep Workout • Sus but the pump hits hard

Chest & Triceps
1. Weighted Single Bar Push-Ups – 5 x 15-18
2. Incline Press – 5 x 8-10
3. Lower Chest Dips – 5 x 10-12
4. Rope Tricep Extension – 4 x 15-18
5. Supinated OH Tricep Extension – 4 x 12-15
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1-2 min rests between high-rep exercises. 2-3min rest between low-rep exercises. Start with a very light warm-up set before the sets above. About (beginner: 2-4 reps/advanced: 1-2 reps) from failure each set. Final set of 2, 3, 5 to failure.

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❗️My workouts tend to be more volume than optimal for beginner lifters. I make these routines for the purpose of building aesthetics based on the knowledge I’ve gained over the years in what workout splits and exercises I used to build and shape my own body. Each workout is provided with the intention of being a new routine for you in case you’ve hit a plateau in progress with your current routine.
In the end, progressive overload is what will drive hypertrophy (muscle gain), and the best way to actively measure progressive overload “accurately” is to measure the total volume of work done on that muscle group(s) and increase that volume by a small increment at each proceeding recurrence of that muscle group throughout your program.

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