10 thoughts on “Train your mind to focus on what promotes growth..

  1. ForgiveZharionDissapointedFather says:

    Her: Hes probably thinking bout other women
    Him: If life is a story and everyone is their own main character, then every single one of those stories ends with the main character dying

  2. Rahul Gupta says:

    You should do a tutorial on muscle ups bully! Long time fan of yours, thanks for getting me in shape at the beginning of quarantine.

    • Big Manny Sr says:

      Same here. I’m back in shape because of the workouts and 30 day and 45 day challenges from Brother BullyJuice

  3. Righteous Ree says:

    Not sure if it makes sense but I want to feel strong… these vids are my motivation to get where I want to be!

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