Feed your focus and starve the distractions. Your purpose matters..

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13 thoughts on “Feed your focus and starve the distractions. Your purpose matters..

  1. grait1 says:

    Hey BullyJuice, I am having a problem staying consistent with doing the workouts for the 30 day challenge… do you have any solution?

    • Yuji Sakai says:

      Imagine your future self. Helped me a lot. Picture yourself not where you are but where you want to be. Then put the effort in to get it. There’s good and bad days and motivation fluctuates but it’s those low days that count the most. Cause you prove yourself you can pull through. Don’t get comfortable, get motivated. Good luck man.

    • Tristan Lanier says:

      Focus on having a desire to complete the workout you have for that day, in the morning or the day prior. Look at what your workout for the day will be, smile as you watch, and get yourself pumped. You have to have the perspective of “man, I’m going to be so much stronger from this!” If you look at what you have for that day and tell yourself “this is gonna suck” then you’re already giving yourself an excuse not to do it. Also be sure to fuel your body properly for these workouts because his workouts are nothing short of intense especially if you haven’t worked out much. Eat what makes your body go beast mode for work outs, not what satisfies your taste buds for five seconds. Drink lots of water to constantly feel energized and hydrated. Lastly, even if you don’t want to do the workout or don’t feel like it do it anyway so you have no regrets and can feel proud that you did it even though you didn’t want to, no matter what even in exhaustion you will feel accomplished, and definitely eat good protein and carbs afterward. Your body needs carbs after a workout, immediately after workout is the best time for your body to synthesize carbs to replenish your energy stores.

    • Tristan Lanier says:

      @BullyJuice thanks for the reply, love your channel, I’m on day 39 of the 45 day challenge! Also love your gymoclock merch, super comfortable for a workout

  2. joel moremoholo says:

    Hey yo man? I LOVE yo body work-out man that’s a very sharp body man keep it up Brother man

  3. Mira love says:

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