13 thoughts on “Although you can’t control how long your life is, you are in control of how deep it goes..

  1. Terrance Miller says:

    Came a long way from the high top fade, blue lockers, and garage floor days. Even tho you don’t know me…It’s been fun, growing up with you, Bullyjuice. Your videos got me on the road to true whole body, health and wellness. / Helped me begin to see Self-Love really is The Best Love. Peace and Love to everyone!

    Bullyjuice isn’t here for us to be compared to. We are all great role-models with a Positive mindset. He’s just giving us an awesome example to work on Being YOUR best self, everyday we until our last breath.

  2. The Jamaican Gamer_89 / forex trading teacher says:

    Make sure give ur life to Jesus Christ… Get Baptisted live for God and spend eternity in heaven

  3. Issifu Mamudu says:

    Hello brother hope you are well and family i am in Italy but I’m trying to bring down my stomach please some advice from you what to eat and no, maybe it can help, waiting for you Bro.

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