16 thoughts on “Ice baths🥶🧊- Train your mind to fall in love with what you NEED,and not just what you want..

  1. ASTANCE says:

    Bro ngl bullyjuice has inspired me a lot and I always do his workouts and I have made pretty good progress thx bullyjuice

  2. Little Billy says:

    Dude I started taking more cold showers a few weeks ago, and they make you feel freaking amazing (afterwards)

  3. meshal alzahrani says:

    Ice tub right after your workout can lead to slowing muscle buildup, but it will take away soreness. The best time for cold therapy is after you wake up in the morning.

  4. Name says:

    I’ve baths are actually very relaxing once you master your breathing. You end up increasing your internal core temperature and it’s such a beautiful contrast the cold

  5. The Sleepy music channel says:

    Dam bro do you even know what fast food is…your way to healthy beast mode bro

  6. YaBoiRelish says:

    I take cold showers every night now thx to u. They feel like default water temperature to my body now

  7. The Rational Homie Oni says:

    Hey bro do a video on cold showers because I took em for a week and couldn’t get over the cold I got the first day…

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