Time flies, but remember who’s the pilot.. #itsmybirthday

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10 thoughts on “Time flies, but remember who’s the pilot.. #itsmybirthday

  1. Son__of__ Crota says:

    Happy birthday B juice. Hope you celebrated it well and you have been a big life changer of mine

  2. MilkyWay MilkyWay says:

    Happy Birthday man, You’ve help me alot since maybe late 2020, Hope I get to see you be older in the future

  3. Teddy Martin says:

    And yo man you help me get back back to being me bro your workouts I did them they help me get stronger I’ve been off work for 2 years because of injury on the job and surgery bro I thank you and again man Happy Birthday to you

  4. FishizzleBoy says:

    Happy birthday! Thank you for being the inspiration you are for those trying to better themselves!

  5. Maadd_Scientist says:

    Happy Bday bro, let’s take an invisible shot of “151” together lol keep doing your thing – CB

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