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Contents of this video
00:00 – Intro & Jar love
00:39- Warmup
02:25- Bulgarian Split Squats
03:43- Goblet Squats
05:29-Hip Thrusts/Glute Bridges
07:45- Romanian Deadlifts
08:11- Flexibility
11:45- Eating & Closing
12:48- The End

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  1. Paul Saiz says:

    Watching you makes me realize how stiff my joints are. I guess I have a goal in increasing my mobility, thanks patty.
    Also thanks for taking the time to censor people out from the background, that’s one of my ‘fears’. Privacy is important

  2. BepTweBot says:

    patty can you do another core/ab video? including the nutritional side of it as well as the workouts for it

  3. iMiXmUsIc says:

    Thank you for posting on my rest day. You’ve inspired me to get up and do some light cardio at least. Also love the sound fx. Keep it up!

  4. Fatih says:

    Thank you Patty for being such a positive person i literally can’t stop smiling whenever i watch your videos.

  5. Rutmary Bucarito says:

    Thanks a lot, I’m pretty tight this month and can’t pay gym but I do have a couple of dumbbells and this comes in handy

  6. Tommy Cerda says:

    I like how you include the struggle at the gym. A lot of people thinks that the gym is an easy go but you gotta put in the work. Thank you Patty!

  7. lia says:

    thanks for this! dumbbells are p much all i have at home and i can’t always make it to the physical gym. also your flexibility and mobility are inspiring! i’m definitely going to work harder on those fronts. looking forward to another video

  8. Tara misu says:

    I like how empty yet nice this gym is. Also, can we just appreciate that Patty has upped her content quality with 1) new location 2) new mic 3) nice fit & 4) more detailed information??? I see you putting in the work.

  9. Ke Lewis says:

    Beautiful leg workout! Gave me some new lifts with the dumbbells. I must say lunges have always been the death of me. I feel like my legs are being pulled from my body even when it’s my hamstrings and glues mainly getting the work.

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