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12 thoughts on “Sometimes what always worked, don’t work anymore. Adjust fire, and keep it moving..”
  1. Hey, I hope you see and read this comment. I have been watching your videos for a while and even as a female I am inspired by your workouts, how you take of yourself, and how you keep pushing yourself. I hope to get myself into shape and start taking care of myself. My only question is, how do put yourself in that mindset to start working out and taking care of yourself, and how do you keep that mindset? Happy New Year to you and your family and I hope you get to see and reply to this comment.

  2. Wishing your family a Happy New Year, bursting with fulfilling and exciting opportunities. May the New Year bring your family happiness, peace, good health and prosperity.

  3. Love the song with the video. I get it. I love my fitness lifestyle as well. And I don’t ever want to let it go either. ❤

  4. Big inspiration to me keep up the great work and hopefully I would be as successful as you on YouTube

  5. This is such a gem to know some people get stuck with what use to work and do you know how to just adjust and adapt

  6. Man can u videos about being a young black man and living a healthy life. Not jus physically, but keeping ur mental, spiritual, n all other aspects in check. Idk ur personal life, but from the fruits of your labor I want to have the peace that it seems u have. Thanks man ur inspirational

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