14 thoughts on “When they tell you no, show them why their answer should have been yes..

  1. Tristan Maxey says:

    Tryna get in shape man I need some pointers want to get back to my military weight (230) currently 330

  2. Tristan Maxey says:

    Turned my One Day into Day One today!!
    Did a two mile walk in 16 minutes and going to the gym this afternoon let’s get 23 started right

  3. BurninBean says:

    Ive been doing the 30 day challenges and when i finish it im going to do the new 60 day program. Ive decided I need to get into shape so I’ve started. Thanks Bully you and your videos have made me started working out. Thank you

  4. Brittney Davis says:

    I’m hopping on that 60 day challenge! I already started pushing myself harder. NO MORE EXCUSES AND LAZINESS!

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