30 thoughts on “How to Use Creatine For Growth (3 Steps)

  1. Tracey122872 says:

    Jeremy – thanks- what are your thoughts on good protein powders that have no heavy metals – i dont know who to trust

  2. Slayvid Flores says:

    Just a question. How many times can we do overload phase? I did it 2 years ago and wondering if I can do it again

  3. Seth Sword says:

    Do the 5g a day method. I did a loading phase and I could not leave the bathroom at all the entire week.

  4. Otis Oten says:

    You did a video not so long ago saying we should take 3g of creatine daily, now you’re saying we should take 5?

    • Matthew says:

      take 3-5 it doesn’t really affect you that much as long as you are consistent with it. Usually the label recommends 3 but you can take 5 also!

  5. TomekK says:

    how about talking it considering meals. Is it better after a meal or before or in the morning on an empty stomach?

  6. blacksupernova says:

    Is it true that combining creatine with caffeine (ie in preworkout) renders it useless? My pwo has it in already but I started taking extra on its own after the workout in my protein shake just in case

    • amy dubber says:

      Not useless, but there is some research to suggest caffeine can hinder absorption to a small extent. I don’t think it’s definitive though.

  7. Joseph Staggs says:

    A small tip for anyone. If splitting it up throughout the day, it mixes really well with hot coffee. Dissolves immediately and doesn’t alter the taste. However I’m only taking 5g with one cup of coffee, so make sure to get the rest in somewhere.

    • amy dubber says:

      As long as the coffee isn’t too hot/ boiling, I think I remember hearing that the creatine can be denatured that way. Otherwise great tip!

    • V_H_R_E_N_Z A_B_A_S_T_A says:

      i read somewhere that creatine and caffeine shouldn’t be together….If I remember it correctly.

    • Joseph Staggs says:

      @Amir Qazvineh care to explain why? Because I looked it up and almost every source says it’s fine.

  8. Manik Bhagat says:

    Can I take it at different times on different days, so say I take it at 1pm on Monday and take it at 10pm on Tuesday. Will it be the same?

  9. V_H_R_E_N_Z A_B_A_S_T_A says:

    i’ve been taking creatine for almost 3 months and almost every time I can’t finish my program because of muscle fatigue.
    but 3 weeks ago I stopped taking creatine, I was slowly able to finish all my programs with more than enough energy afterwards.

  10. Loandi Puertas says:

    I just started yesterday with 5g and I’m going to stay at 5g per day. Becarefull to be sure that if you toke a cafe or thé before, be sure the caféine is out because I experimented a anxiety and I toke the the it 2 hours before and still have the caféine going on haha !

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