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9 thoughts on “You are your habits. Your life will elevate as soon as they do..”
  1. Egy kigyúrt figura reklámozza a turmixot és azt sugallja amit látsz.De ez nem igaz mert ő szterodiokon él,ő már nem egészséges.

  2. I see the L’Evate You in the background. What use it, but not in smoothies. Great idea. ❤@SteveHarvey

  3. You are the type of guy most women want in love.
    Total family guy who is living his life on it’s fullest.
    I don’t know why but after seeing tons of guys in internet, I feel more connected towords your video.

  4. Hi guys ❤️ so it that celery, green apple, spinach, avocado, honey, and like a green powder superfood?!

    Trying to copy

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