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I Created The Smartest Back Workout (USING SCIENCE)

The back is such an important part of what makes an impressive physique. But with literally 100’s of different back exercises out there, it’s hard to tell which you should do in your back workout. That’s why we got Betty – our muscle activation measuring machine. Today we’re using her to test the best back […]

3 Biceps Exercises you Need to start Doing! / Biceps Workout

This video is sponsored by LetsGetChecked https://trylgc.com/vikingsamurai Use code VS30 for 30% off of your cart In this video I discuss 3 Biceps exercises you're likely Not doing but should! Chapters: 00:00 – Introduction 00:52 – Cross Body Curls for the outer Biceps 01:54 – Supinations (to work the other function of the Biceps) 03:04 […]

Perfect Back & Biceps Workout | WORKOUT FOR MASS

Insane back and biceps workout. In this video we're looking at exercises for growing upper body (back and biceps). Perfect Back & Biceps Workout | WORKOUT FOR MASS #backworkout #bicepsworkout #backday #upperbody #trapz Let me know what you think below and what video you want next –Check out my other best videos– 1) I Tried […]

How To Get MORE Gains From Pull-Ups (4 Mistakes You Need To Fix)

Want to do better pull ups? Want to increase reps on pull ups? You’ve clicked on the right video. Pull-ups are one of the oldest yet most widely used back exercise out there – and for good reason. They’re convenient to do and very effective at growing and strengthening your mid and upper back muscles. […]

The Absolute Best way to Build Muscle FAST! (4K)

The absolute best way to build muscle fast for free!