3 Biceps Exercises you Need to start Doing! / Biceps Workout

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In this video I discuss 3 Biceps exercises you're likely Not doing but should!

00:00 – Introduction
00:52 – Cross Body Curls for the outer Biceps
01:54 – Supinations (to work the other function of the Biceps)
03:04 – Chin-Ups (variation for Biceps)

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25 thoughts on “3 Biceps Exercises you Need to start Doing! / Biceps Workout

  1. The Body BeatDown says:

    thanks..oddly enough today is my arm day..maybe sometime ill try one of those..Have a good day and keep healthy and fit everyone!!

  2. AJ Mason says:

    I started testosterone about a month ago and I have more energy and fill stronger, I’m recovering faster from workouts as well,can’t wait to try out these arm workouts!

  3. Wham! says:

    Dude when you gonna do a body transformation video of yourself? Interested to see how your training journey went

  4. Leon S says:

    good exercises , i already been doing . good information though giving the video the thumbs up!

  5. John Chipman Seishin Aikido says:

    Awesome tips thank you!
    What are your thoughts on using bands vs free weights?

    • Viking Samurai says:

      I prefer free weights to build muscle, I think they’re more likely to cause the micro trauma and tears in the muscle, which u want in order to rebuild stronger and bigger…. Bands are great for maintenance and also putting less stress on muscles if ur injury prone, while still causing tension and stimulus, hope that helps.

  6. Kirk Lazarus says:

    Another thing I do with the chin-up curls is to perform negatives to failure after maxing out on performing the concentric part of the movement.

  7. aovers says:

    Vascularity in your biceps is crazy, my man. Giving me Stallone from The Specialist vibes. Good video!

  8. Preston Lions FC says:

    dam you viking i already did biceps just 2 nights ago, but next week that will be my arms day :))) do legs next

  9. Boere Burger says:

    Thanks for this and everything else. My favourite youtube channel. Always look forward to it.

  10. Trick Trickington says:

    Great video! I’ll start doing seated curls to prevent me from cheating the reps. Also, the videos on prince Gharios were awesome. It would be cool if you could interview one of Seagal’s other long time students that he mentioned like Larry Reynosa. Just want to give you some friendly ideas.

  11. Emil Mart says:

    Thank you so much ! Can you share with us your diet plan ? It’s clear you’re natty. But what about whey protein…etc ? Thank you again !

  12. acquiesce100 says:

    Fantastic exercises. Straight to the point and no fluff. Love it. Hope you can do more of these Vikiing.

    • acquiesce100 says:

      @ThePeddle They feel good. And Viking mentions something most instructors don’t and that is exercising the forearms. Totally overlooked by most. The only other person I have heard talk about the forearms is Franco Columbu training Stallone for Rambo 2. I also find these exercises increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and endocannabinoid.

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