Get Rid Of Your Love Handles With These Proven Strategies

In order for anyone to reveal their best midsection possible, two things that absolutely MUST go are those stubborn love handles. For some reason, most people seem to have a devil of a time getting rid of them. They try crash dieting, and they try running mile after mile until they are blue in the face. At the end of it all, they just don’t seem to budge.

Work Your Obliques

Many people not only go about getting rid of the love handles the wrong way, but they also do the wrong exercises. The exercises that are directly related to the love handles are your obliques which are the muscles on the side of your main abdominal muscles. The best way to work your obliques are utilizing ab movements that involve twisting of your torso. Exercises like wood chops, corkscrews or good, old-fashioned torso twists will do the trick to help tighten up your obliques to more quickly get rid of your love handles.

Eat Clean, Eat Lean

By far, the simplest way to lose your love handles is to simply watch what you eat and by this, we mean eat clean and try to eat lean. The best way to do this is to make sure you get plenty of whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, starches, and lean meats that can include fish, chicken and certain kinds of beef. If you’re feeling amped up to try new things, maybe look a little bit into keto diets, which are basically diets that focus more on protein and fat intake and restrict carbohydrates. This could allow you to tap into your stubborn body fat at a much faster rate.

Increase Your Water Intake

Believe it or not, the missing component to you getting rid of your love handles could be increasing your water intake. The normal recommendation is 8 glasses per day, but we recommend that you consult your doctor to get the okay of drinking up to maybe a gallon of water per day. Many people don’t know that the more water you drink, the less water weight your body will hold onto. This is because your body sees that water is coming in abundantly, so it decides to release its excess stores, which could include your love handles.

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Up Your Cardio

It is such a known fact that if you want to achieve fat loss in general, you need to increase your activity level. In other words, increase the amount of cardiovascular exercise you’re doing to make sure you burn more calories than what you are consuming. Find an exercise that you like to do, such as walking, cycling, rowing, jogging etc. – And find some time to do at least half an hour per day. Starting out, maybe do 15-20 minutes, but ultimately, you want to try to work up to an hour to ensure you’re burning a good amount of calories.

Conclusion: Love Handles

The best advice that anyone can get on getting rid of their love handles is to simply treat themselves as a human guinea pig. Simply put, experiment, experiment, experiment. Try as many things as you can and stick with what works best for you. However, these are proven strategies that anyone can utilize to get rid of their love handles for good.

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