The Best Supplements For Men

You’d be surprised at just how many different hormones there are within the human body. As for men, it is the levels of testosterone that are important because it is what gives men their masculinity as well as allowing the male organs and organ processes to function as a whole. In addition to the hormones, there are a ton of orders carried out within the body that require certain vitamins, nutrients and minerals to be completed. However, if the body is deficient in those vitamins, nutrients or minerals, it puts stress on the body and causes imbalances to compensate for what is lost. With that, here are some of the best supplements for men should always be taking regardless if they are athletes or not.

Your Daily Multivitamin

Without a doubt, this should be a staple in both men and women’s supplement arsenal. You simply can’t go wrong with your daily multivitamin. In most cases, it provides you nutrition on so many different levels that many people wouldn’t be able to do so on their daily diet. Maybe they tend to favor certain foods more than others and this can cause an imbalance in vitamins, nutrients and minerals. The solution to this problem is to diversify the foods in your diet – make sure you get ample amounts of fruits, vegetables, fiber, etc. Or, you could simply take a quality multivitamin and you’re good to go. Work smarter 😉


This one is extremely popular among most men. Especially those who are athletes and those who lift weights on a regular basis. There are many different forms of creatine: creatine monohydrate, creatine ethyl-ester, and many others. In fact, creatine is a naturally occuring substance within the body which is the byproduct of 3 amino acids working together. Creatine helps muscle cells not only soak up more water, but it also drives what is called Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP for short, into the muscle cells to give them energy. This makes it not only a great muscle builder, but a great endurance supplement as well.


Glutamine really goes hand in hand with Creatine and is often taken together amongst many athletes and weightlifters. Actually, many protein powders on today’s market have glutamine added because it reduces the amount of muscle burned during workouts and it increases protein synthesis, which is the rate at which protein is absorbed by your muscles and this is key for muscle building. Glutamine has also been proven to increase post workout recovery and prevent what is called DOMS which stands for delayed onset muscle soreness. Any athletes can relate to this. The last thing they want is to go into a game sore from a workout. So, this would be a great addition to their supplement regimen.

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Conclusion: Best Supplements For Men

The best way, in our opinion the only way, to figure out what would be considered the “best” supplements for men, is to first and foremost have a thorough understanding of the male body, hormones and systems. FInd out which vitamins and minerals are efficient for which systems and then look at the diet to see if those are being supplied. Start with your multivitamin to set a foundation. Then look at areas in which you may be deficient and focus on corresponding supplements to help bring your body back into a healthy balance.

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