Want A 6 Pack? These Are The Best Ab Workouts For Men

Want a 6 pack? Looking to get rolling on your beach bod so that you can turn some heads? If so, then you are going to need the best ab workouts for men in order to make this happen. Most guys must realize that there are two components to really bringing in the 6 pack and that is dropping your body fat levels low enough, and working the abdominal muscles so that they can be developed enough to show through your skin.

Really, it’s a double-edged sword that involves both sides equally and if any side is favored, it could throw things off a bit. Also, diet does play a big role in revealing your 6 pack so we recommend you get that down first before you proceed with any sort of exercises. That being said, here are what we consider the best ab workouts for men.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Take a walk. No, seriously! Walking is one of the best fat burning exercises there is and no wonder it is a staple for many bodybuilders when they are leaning down to do competitions. Walking activates something called the parasympathetic nervous system which is the nervous system that is activated when your body is anabolic ( building muscle ). Because this activates that branch of the nervous system, it makes it a perfect exercise to get a 6 pack because it allows you to burn calories while retaining muscle which is the key to making your abs show.

Stomach Vacuums

As made famous by the one, the only Arnold Schwarzenegger, stomach vacuums are a very unique and effective way to train your abdominals. In a nutshell, you suck your stomach in as tightly as you can and hold it for a minimum of 15 seconds. This trains your waist to become smaller, and it also puts tension on the entire midsection which is important to developing the muscles so that they can show through your skin.

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Ab Wheels

This exercise was made famous by Roy Jones Jr and if you look at his abs in his heyday of boxing, you can really tell that his abs were on point. Ab Wheels are a tough exercise, but they really work at making your abs pop and chiseling them to really get those heads turning when you hit the beach or take your shirt off at the pool. Because this exercise is a bit difficult, we recommend you start with what are called barbell rollouts which is essentially the same exercise, but it is easier because it is a bit more elevated off the ground and takes more stress off of your lower back.

Conclusion: Ab Workouts For Men

To sum up the best ab workout for men, if you want your 6 pack, you can achieve it if you have the right game plan. It is a matter of watching what you eat, increasing your activity level to ensure you are lowering your level of body fat, and working your ab muscles so that they can really pop and show off the hard work that you put into them.

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