How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle?

Essentially most of us are the same when it comes to working out. We want to at least look like we hit the gym and put some type of work in. More than that? Some of us want to be strapped with muscle so that our work is obvious to our peers, but we want to turn heads and get respect from the same sex and attention from the opposite sex. There could be a good chance that you’re an athlete or aspiring bodybuilder and you are looking for a time frame to work with as far as how long it will take you to build muscle. But exactly how long does it take to build muscle?

One thing that you have to understand that there are many factors at play when it comes to building muscle such as: genetics, mindset, diet, workout regimen, and quite a few others. That being said, it is a bit difficult to put a time frame on how long it will take someone to build muscle. Some can build muscle in a few weeks while others can build muscle in a few months, but if you focus on these key factors, we can assure you that you will speed up the process.

Get Adequate Water Intake

First off, if you aren’t getting adequate water intake, you shouldn’t be working out that often because doing so in a dehydrated state could be dangerous. The recommended water intake for most people is 8 glasses per day – according to the doctor. We recommend you play with this a little bit. Obviously you want a minimum of 8 glasses per day, but if you’re a bigger guy or if you are increasing your activity level, try shooting towards a gallon to put back the extra hydration and electrolytes that you are sweating out.

Load Up On The Calories!

Okay – we don’t mean go to the all you can eat buffet every night! More specifically, we are recommending you increase the amount of calories that you are consuming. When you are lifting weights and your goal is to build muscle, you are going to need some excess calories that your body can use to do two things: replenish and repair damaged muscle fibers after workouts, and build new muscle fibers. Also, we recommend that you keep those calories as clean as possible and we are referring to fruits, vegetables, starches like potatoes, and lean meats such as beef, chicken or fish.

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Focus On Time Under Tension

The topic of time under tension can cause a lot of controversy amongst many who workout and the reason being is because they believe that you need to lift heavy weight if your goal is to build muscle. This is partly true – for those who have put in the time and effort to work up to that heavy weight. However, many people may not be at that level just yet. So, it would be in their best interest to focus on light to moderate weight so that they can increase the amount of reps that they are doing. Thus, increasing the time under tension. In fact, many professionals recommend this protocol because the heavier the weight, the more stress on the joints and the more prone the lifter is to injury.


More than anything, we recommend the tip of being patient. There is a chance your muscle-building process could take 3 weeks, or even 3 months, but as long as you are consistent and keep these tips in your back pocket, you will be just fine.

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