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We don't want to waste our time in the gym. We've decided we want to build some muscle and we want to build that muscle as fast as we can. We need to be realistic about how much muscle we can build but 5 to 10 lbs a year is possible, naturally.

The best way to know if we are gaining solid muscle is to track our strength gains. The stronger we get the more muscle we are going to grow. From the training side basic compound lifts work best for building muscle. And the biggest secret to consistently building muscle is learning how to push passed training plateaus.

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By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

29 thoughts on “How to Build Muscle Faster, Break Through Training Plateaus for Greater Strength Gains Naturally”
  1. Great video Lawrence! I have implemented all of the following in my muscle building journey and it has helped so much! Love the knowledge bombs you dropped about blasting through plateaus!

  2. Lawrence – One of your most helpful videos, in my opinion. Thanks.

    Maybe you’ve done this video already, but I’d enjoy seeing what you do to take care of your shoulders. I seem to remember that you’ve had shoulder issues, as have I, including two rotator cuff repairs on my right shoulder. I have certainly learned the hard way that my shoulders need tender loving care to lift at this age. I’m always curious to hear how other 40+ old lifters take care of their shoulders.

    1. I appreciate it Ken, that isn’t a bad idea, I spend more time on warming up my shoulders these days and practice some Myofascial release techniques on them as well to aid in recovery.

  3. I’ve been lucky and still haven’t hit any major plateaus. As you say I usually switch up the plan, tempo, intensity etc when i’m slowing down. Well covered!

  4. Thanks for great advice. Any suggestions for tracking workouts/progress? Pen & Pad? Some phone app? How do you do it? Do you also use the same method/tool for planning workouts? Do you plan your workouts a week at a time?

    1. Mika, all of my workouts are based on what I did the week before. Unless I’m experimenting or trying something new. So based on the last workout most of the time I’m just trying to add one more rep to each exercise from the last workout. I use an app called Strong and I know Rosita and my brother have used and app called Fitness Buddy.

  5. I time my rest times too with a simple tracking app. The idea to deliberately tinker with rest times in order to influence intensity across sets is genuinely new to me. Will try that. Thanks for this nice tip.

  6. Stumbled across your channel looking for over 40 content and thought whose this buff clown with the bow tie…. Good tips and advice for the natural lifter! not a clown at all.

  7. Hello Lawrence, I am very impressed with the videos you put on your channel.
    I’m mid forties myself and I just wanna look nice and chisel like you but I’m also 5’6′ and don’t want to be with super big cuz that’s going to make me look shorter lol.
    My question is? What do you recommend to someone like me?

    1. I find unless your just starting out the muscle gains won’t come to fast. Over the last few years I’ve only been able to add just under 2 pounds a year. So I wouldn’t worry about getting to big that way. I am not a fan of bulking and it isn’t necessary either. have you seen my bulking myth video or the body re-composition one? here is the link to the body recomp one https://youtu.be/eKulOvbmJPE if you would like to watch the bulking myth one let me know and I’ll provide the link.

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