Dynamic stability is all about using strength and coordination to create a safer and more balanced environment for your joints while forcing more tension into the muscles to stimulate strength and muscle growth.

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By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

33 thoughts on “Build Muscle, Save Your Joints With Dynamic Stability”
  1. Interesting topic. I’ve thought about it a little bit, was worried about hurting my shoulders by not having shoulderblades set for things. Trying it with push-ups, I can definitely feel a difference

    1. In many ways, this can help you set your shoulders even more by making you more aware of where they are through movement. I found that to be the case with my dips

    1. Kinda, you’re right in the fact that I said don’t protract the shoulders, and that’s true….for the bottom position. Protracting at the very top is fine, it also makes it easier to forcefully retract the shoulders down and back as you dip down through contrasting positions. So this can actually help you get better shoulder stability.

  2. U really showed the movements well with ur exaggerated moves!
    Do u think this is a good thing to do?

    Have u tried keeping the shoulders protracted throughout during pushups and dips?

    I feel stronger when I do that. If u start at the bottom of a pushup and protract the shoulders first before extending the arms and then push up u’ll get what I mean.
    We used to do this in Tkd training on the knife edge of the hand.

  3. I have done isometrics for years but then got away from them for a time. Now that I have gotten older I find them SOOO valuable I cannot fully explain.

  4. Looking forward to you diving deeper on this! Have you got any tips for taking stress out of the knee when doing the basic GSC tension control exercises? I feel like I make my knee hyperextend too much.

    1. If that’s the case, keeping some tension in the hamstrings may help. Hyper extension is often a way to rest into the joint and let the muscles relax so maintaining tension throughout the leg may help.

    2. Thanks Matt. I’ve definitely been trying to get more tension in my posterior chain do I will work on that. Also in finding that keeping a tiny bend in the knees helps me out too.

    1. Give it a shot, this is one of those ideas you can only really learn by doing. A classic example of how limited the internet really is for helping people get in shape.

    1. I’ve done it twice and it’s ready pulled my shoulders back, pulled my head back to proper placement(straight align with shoulders) and made me stand even better all together. My left shoulder has been pulled out of place but it still fixed that a little as well

  5. Hi Matt…i have a question…when should you male One arm and One leg a priority in tour training? Because i found that Is much Better to control scapula movement and tension in your muscle…such as like isometrics..what do you think? I found that work Amazing for our joints…more tension control and less joint Pain…I’m really curious about your opinion!!! Have a good day!

    1. I’m a fan of getting people on unilateral training as soon as they show some decent stability in the hips and scapula. You can progress single limb training just like bilateral training with the angle to gravity, like on suspension straps or doing archer push-ups on an incline surface like a counter top.

  6. i know u said torque ur arms when doing pullups but i noticed when u do pullups in ur videos, at the bottom its not torqued. are u suppose to torque from bottom to top of pullup(keeping tension) thru out the whole pullup? because i noticed when i torque my arms and put my scapula back, my upper back looks really arched and when i try to keep my legs and knees tucked in front of my body, its hard to torque arms in the bottom

    1. Yep, the torque (external rotation which drives the elbows inward) is still there, but at the bottom you’ll have a slight internal rotation where your elbows point more to the side. Without that, you’ll be limited by the mobility in your shoulder and have a much harder time getting that range in the shoulder joint which is why you may be slightly compensating through your torso and body position.

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