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By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

14 thoughts on “Can Boron Increase Testosterone and Build Muscle?”
  1. Excellent video. I am currently taking 2 mg of boron along with MSM, chondroitin, and glucosamine, in the hopes that it will aid in the repair of damaged cartilage in my hip from a motorbike accident. I understand that, at best, it will be a slow process since there isn’t a blood supply in that area. But I have hope and will do everything I can to avoid hip replacement. Any evidence that boron can help? Mostly, the research that I have seen focuses on bone. Is there anything else that I might try? Thanks so much.

    1. That is not enough watch Steve Maby he shows you how to make your own cheap boron I take 30 mg per day on his recipe gone back to full mobility after one year best arthritis easer ever msm also good taken with one gram of vitamin c twice daily hope this helps this Doctor gives out excellent on this site however best advice on boron studies advice go YouTube Steve maby you can download a study about boron Dose’s ect if your dificient 1mg a day just won’t cut it also just type in to YouTube boron see what over people are doing since the use of chemical fertilizers from 1950 in farming around the world the soils are up to 80% less in minerals so don’t rely on getting them from you’re diet best cheap way to get your minerals is home made bone broth organic chicken carcasses are best put in slow cooker wait while the bones dissolve everything the chicken carcasses are made of cartlidge collagen minerals is what we are made off hope this helps

    2. Taforalt I’ve left you a message please read I have completely rebuilt my knee and hip in 2 years with bone broth to the amazement of specialist the ex rays and MRI scans prove this if you need any more advice get in touch respect Bryan Bailey

    3. @takforalt thanks takforalt you need 90 things to build a human body 60 of this amount is minerals in various amounts the other 30 is 17 vitamins 9 of these are b vitamins 10 amino acids and 3 fatty acids it really is that simple s someone say 40 years old has nothing in their body older than 9 years old its all changed and recycled and rebuilt imagine you was building a car that needed 90 parts how would it run with say 25 parts missing don’t buy supplements there mostly all made in China at of them have got nothing in them make your own best source of natural b vitamins is nutritional yeast and ox liver bone broth for your minerals watch Tony Pantalleresco YouTube Herbs Beads plus he shows ya cheap home made recipe s and disease prevention some of his ideas are sumwot strange but watch the earlier videos the SAYING YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT AS NEVER BEEN MORE RIGHT respect Bryan Bailey

  2. I will try i and you a link about boron research in the soils around the world none in Jamaica highest incidents of arthritis Turkey Israel highest amount of boron in soil lowest incidents of arthritis there daily intake in is from 10 -70 mg in home grown food respect Bryan Bailey

  3. Thanks for a very informative talk. I would think that meat would contain boron as long as the pastures on which the animals are grazing are not deficient.

  4. Doc Robert would you consider doing a video on the many healing benefits of bone broth your videos on amino acids in management of mental health and other issues is way up I talked to GP recently about amino acid therapy and he had not got a clue what I was telling him I told him of the benefits I had had with tryptophan theanene and taurine the latter for heart and brain health he said my 10 minutes consultation was up and he had another patient to see well as went out a bloke with a suit and brief case went in I then went to reception to book an appointment to see the practice nurse and the man with the suit on i learned was a Drugs Rep so the GP lied about seeing another patient and no wonder he did not want to know what I had to say about natural cheap remedies probably got a bung or holiday out of it respect Bryan Bailey

  5. Rather than boosting test levels it stops the testosterone binding to shbg & converting to excess estrogen. Its a great supp to use at around 12mg per day, 6mg in morning 6mg at night

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