In order to get slimmer thighs, you need to train hard almost everyday with exercises that will work the muscles in your lower body to make your muscles leaner!

Today’s workout is a 4-day challenge that aims to burn your thigh fat without the need to go to any gym. These are body-weight exercises focused in the lower part of your body so you can target those unwanted fats in your thighs and make them slimmer, thinner, and definitely more attractive!

Good luck and let’s begin the workout!❤️💪

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00:00 Lateral Steps
00:40 Body Rotations
01:29 Torso Rotation
02:20 Hip Swirls
02:54 Rest
03:26 Slow Jumping Jacks
04:12 Rest
04:34 Side Deep Squats
05:12 Rest
05:35 Slow Jumping Jacks
06:19 Rest
06:42 Side Deep Squats
07:20 Rest
07:42 Slow Jumping Jacks
08:27 Rest
08:50 Side Deep Squats
09:28 Rest
09:50 Slow Jumping Jacks
10:35 Rest
10:57 Side Deep Squats
11:36 Rest
12:18 Lunge Jumps
12:59 Rest
13:26 Rise And Plie
14:12 Rest
14:39 Lunge Jumps
15:20 Rest
15:47 Rise And Plie
16:34 Rest
17:01 Lunge Jumps
17:41 Rest
18:08 Rise And Plie
18:55 Rest
19:22 Lunge Jumps
20:02 Rest
20:29 Rise And Plie
21:16 Rest
21:58 Body Extensions
22:41 Rest
23:08 Side Lunge Windmill
23:51 Rest
24:18 Body Extensions
25:01 Rest
25:28 Side Lunge Windmill
26:12 Rest
26:39 Body Extensions
27:22 Rest
27:49 Side Lunge Windmill
28:32 Rest
28:59 Body Extensions
29:42 Rest
30:09 Side Lunge Windmill
30:53 Rest
31:35 Thigh Lifts Left
32:24 Rest
32:41 Thigh Lifts Right
33:30 Rest
33:48 Thigh Lifts Left
34:37 Rest
34:54 Thigh Lifts Right
35:43 Rest
36:00 Thigh Lifts Left
36:50 Rest
37:07 Thigh Lifts Right
37:56 Rest
38:13 Thigh Lifts Left
39:02 Rest
39:20 Thigh Lifts Right

By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

12 thoughts on “4-Day Inner Thigh Workout – Home Exercises”
  1. Robertas Gym is the best workout channel ive ever seen . Ive lost a lot of weight watching this. I might even do it again (i did)

  2. Roberta, you are simply amazing..just 2 weeks of one of your losing weight workout I did. I culdnt believe my eyes. Although I wasn’t cutting down on my diet I saw the way your exercises worked out and brought changes in such a short time. Wonderful. Thank you! Now I haven’t started a bit of right diet but continuing with your exercises religiously. Tha is again!!!

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